A legend of Hajen

The sculptor Jan Ehlers from Hajen, placed a large sculpture in the former tow path, now known and the Weserradweg.

The origin of the nickname "Katten" Hajen is due to an old legend. In the old days, the ships had to be pulled up by the horses and people. The "Bockdrivers" from the Schaumburger country, which were called contemptuous "Hüossen", stayed in a Hajener inn. Once the hostess had baked a rabbit. The "Hüossen" smelled the roast and stole it at night. It was only when they were gone, did they notice the theft.

The host swore revenge - Another time, when they were spending the night there, the landlord slaughtered a cat and had him fry. The "Hüossen" stole the roast again. The landlord drew her attention to the false hare-fry, and as these did not want to believe him, he showed them the fur.

The "Hüossen"got sick. They should never return to Hajen. But when they passed by, they meowed so miserably that the peasants ran with dung-bills to the Weser.

Since that day, the village is called "Katten" Hajen.